We have a beautiful, elegant, and simple vision for the future of Pershing Square that all are sure to love. The dynamic heart of Los Angeles, adorned with programs, activities and uses for our community to create and enjoy together. Design renderings by Agence Ter and Team.


To reimagine the heart of Los Angeles — Pershing Square and its surrounding area — as a dynamic destination where civic life flourishes, advancing a sustainable, healthy, equitable, and economically vibrant city.


Los Angeles is in the middle of a renaissance. Downtown Los Angeles is being revitalized and reimagined. We need a public space that captures our momentum, fostering our growth and allowing our community to continue to create change.


A truly community – driven project. You gave us your ideas from day one and got us to where we are today.


Our team, from elected officials and experts to staff and volunteers. These are the people who work behind the scenes to bring you a new Pershing Square.


It’s not all about the future. We are beginning our revitalization of Pershing Square right now with ongoing events and community engagement.


Get the latest information about the redesign process and current goings-on in the heart of Los Angeles.

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This is your square. Follow what we are up to and help us make our vision come to life.

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